Paint Colors for 351

Painting 351 Massachusetts!


Update on 10/22: The Painting has begun! Magenta & Creamsicle are the colors. :) 1399474_615757485150141_58975372_oPaint Colors for 351

Let it be known – we will never use vinyl siding, we don’t care how “easy” it is. (Preservation Rule #1!).

351 Massachusetts Avenue is our first Buffalove paint job. After checking the surrounding houses, the neighborhood and other examples, we decided to go with our gut – the brighter the better. We went and picked out our favorite colors.. ones that represented Buffalove the best. We want our properties to be bright and bold – to stand out and to help people understand that these houses are cared for and the neighborhood is rebounding. We aren’t worried so much about resale – we are in this for the long haul.

Honestly, it’s been stressful picking colors… I found myself staring at the house for at least an hour after the paint was on. The neighbors must have thought I was crazy staring at the building for so long… until they saw what I was doing… then they chimed in with their favorite choices. Jennifer who lives next door with her three kids likes the bottom green/blue/yellow combo the best but the neighborhood kids like the magenta! (Have we mentioned how good the neighbors are?) It is a tough decision! At this time, we are leaning towards the magenta and yellow trim on the right. The dark blue will be incorporated in some trim work and the top triangle. The best part is – if we don’t like it, we can always repaint it! The house hasn’t been painted in at least 20 years so we will be happy to see all the clapboard resealed properly so it will last another 50 years.

Once the paint is done and the windows go in, 351 Massachusetts will be officially buttoned up and ready for winter! We will be taking the winter months to rehab the interior and hopefully by spring it will be ready for rent.



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