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Buffalove Development is a small scale real estate development company focused on rehabilitating vacant and underutilized historic buildings in Buffalo, New York. Founded by Bernice Radle in 2012, Buffalove aims to revitalize neighborhoods by rehabilitating historic properties with proven energy efficiency measures, creating jobs, inspiring additional reinvestment through collaborative community projects and providing clean, affordable living options to the community.

Buffalove is a conglomerate of three businesses – Buffalove Development, Buffalove Management and Little Wheel Restoration Co. These three businesses are available to help buy, sell, manage, renovate and rent in Western New York.


Buffalove Development offers Community Development Consulting Services that seek to empower communities across the country to champion these ideas and other best practices through public speaking engagements and community workshops.

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There are four key principles that guide Buffalove Development’s work: Preservation, Sustainability, Community & BuffaLove.

The Power of Preservation

Buffalove Development believes in the power of historic preservation. The reuse and protection of historic buildings and landscapes is a valuable tool for any community. Preservation projects of all sizes have the ability to create local jobs, spur additional economic investment, serve as catalysts for neighborhood revitalization efforts, and offer numerous opportunities for civic engagement, empowerment and community pride. Buffalove's experience in historic preservation is wide-ranging and deep:

  • Hands-on Experience Renovating Vacant and Underutilized Historic Properties
  • Listing Historic Resources to the Local, State and National Register of Historic Places
  • Relevant Work Experience with Local, State and National Historic Preservation Governmental Entities
  • Extensive Knowledge and Application of the New York State and Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentive programs 
  • Non-Profit Organizational Management Experience
  • Understanding of Current Public Policy Opportunities and Impediments

Sustainability: Where Old and New Meet

The greenest building is the one already built. But what if that building isn't meeting 21st century expectations? Worst off, what if that building has sat vacant and open to the elements for decades? Buffalove Development understands the opportunities and challenges of renovating historic properties with energy efficiency in mind. Buffalove has years of valuable and practical experience when it comes to retrofitting historic properties of any size:

  • Building Performance Institute(BPI) Certified Professional
  • Extensive Knowledge and Application of New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) Incentives
  • Experience Implementing Various Energy Efficiency Measures in Historic and Non-Historic Properties of All sizes - Single Family Homes to Multi-family Apartment Complexes

Community First, Buildings Second

Community engagement and consultation is a vital and necessary component of any project regardless of its size, type or scope. In order for any real estate development project to reach its full potential its critical that all users - both active and passive - have their voice's heard. Project leaders can mitigate potential community concerns by involving community members from the onset and working with those stakeholders throughout the development process to identify any necessary design solutions. Buffalove Development understands the importance and value of community engagement and has an extensive background in advocating for the community's right to have a say:

  • Creation and Implementation of Innovative, Community-based, Advocacy Campaigns for Historic Resources and Public Investment Initiatives
  • Participation in Section 106 & Section 14.09 Review Processes
  • Hosting Community Workshops
  • Community Organizing Experience


Our passion, enthusiasm and energy for what we do at Buffalove Development is driven by our love for our hometown, the City of Buffalo, New York. Our region's rich history, it's people and the historic resources that they both inhabit provide Buffalove with all of the motivation that we need to make our community a better place.

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