Lights, Camera, Action! Thank you, Huffington Post!

Huffington Post Spotlight – Bernice Radle & Buffalove Development!

Thank you to Huffington Post for asking me to participate in this lifestyles video. What an honor!!!! Also, thank you to Billy & Pat for making an appearance – they are such great Buffalo boosters… we are lucky to have you here in Buffalo!! (Follow their adventures on youtube and tumblr, please – its worth checking out… way cooler than my houses, I swear!)”Radle was able to use her resources to purchase and renovate several vacant homes. With a little elbow grease and attention, she is leading the charge on attracting a new generation of renters to the neighborhood.

“I’m really driven by creating affordable, quality housing,” she explained. “I have to do the right thing. I have to renovate a house properly, and think about it long-term, and rent to good people for an affordable price.”



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