Little Wheel Restoration Company LLC is a preservation focused construction company in Buffalo, NY.


Powered by Bernice Radle, Michael Plyter and Peggy Gans, LWRC is a sister company to Buffalove Development and focuses on giving Buffalo something no one else can provide – a woman owned and operated construction company focused on bringing vacant historic buildings back to life.

What we do: We do creative, fun renovation projects that are affordable and good for the community. We have proven that preservation, energy efficiency and affordability can be brought together to provide quality, inclusive housing.

Company Values: We come at this construction game a bit differently, we’re community driven citizens, almost half of our staff is women and the majority of our staff is certified by the building institute and hail from the world of energy efficiency contracting. We proudly pay a living wage, do extensive on the job training and aim for diversity both in the field and office. We are OSHA and LEAD certified and proudly licensed and insured in the City of Buffalo.

If you have a vacant / underutilized building that you want to bring back to life – call us at 716.235.5563.