Buffalove Development in Born!

We met for coffee on a chilly fall day and talked about historic buildings, Buffalo and art. Needless to say the rest was history…

We decided a while back that the only way we will be able to make a difference in Buffalo is to put our money where our mouth is and thus, Buffalove Development has been created. This endeavor will take some time to be in full swing however things are churning and in motion to get us there!

Buffalove Development became official with the purchase of four properties at the In Rem Foreclosure Auction in October 2012. We are in the process of closing, organizing and putting together the game plan for those as we write this post. Everyday there is a new hurdle, question or meeting to move these houses forward. This is really happening and we are excited!

We want Buffalove Development to be more than rehabbing houses and buildings. We see this growing to be a long term investment that encompasses art, community, buildings, neighborhood development and creating neat urban spaces in an affordable, sustainable and high design type of fashion.

We just want to do what’s right for the buildings, the neighborhood and ultimately the City of Buffalo, That’s all.

With Buffalove,

Bernice & Jason


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